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First Line: I praise god that he chose the green
Last Line: To wrap our sweetheart-mother in.
Alternate Author Name(s): Hinkson, Katharine Tynan
Subject(s): Colors; God; Green (color); May (month); Praise

I PRAISE God that He chose the green
To wrap our dear brown mother in,
And not the purple or the rose
Nor other hue the rainbow shows.

To-day when chestnut fans half-spread
Feed the starved soul with daily bread,
When poplars like green tapers soar,
To say their Sursum Cordas o'er,

To-day with thorn-trees white as milk,
And fields all clad in grass-green silk,
Damasked with daisies wonderfully,
And every tree a heavenly tree,

What other colour, blue or white,
Could so refresh us, so delight?
Yellows or violets so brim o'er
Our cup of sweets to hold no more?

Year after year when May comes sweet,
Hidden in green from head to feet,
Under pale arches, dropping still
Lapfuls of flowers in vale and hill;

A wonder, a green miracle,
More fairy-fine than words can tell:
I praise God that He chose the green
To wrap our sweetheart-mother in.

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