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First Line: The night darkens fast and the shadows darken
Last Line: Lest they should wake to weep, should wake to weep.
Alternate Author Name(s): Hinkson, Katharine Tynan
Subject(s): Birds; Doves; Morning; Night; Tears; Voices; Bedtime

THE night darkens fast and the shadows darken;
Clouds and the rain gather about mine house.
Only the wood-dove moans—hearken, oh, hearken!
The moan of the wood-dove in the rain-wet boughs.

Loneliness and the night! Night is not lonely;
Star-crowned the night takes to a tender breast,
Wrapping them in her veil these dark hours only,
The weary, the bereaved, the dispossessed.

When will it lighten? Once the night was kindly,
Nor all her hours went by leaden and long.
Now in mine house the hours go groping blindly
After the shiver of dawn, the first bird's song.

Sleep now! Be still! The night with wings of splendour
Hides heavy eyes from light that they may sleep,
Soft and secure under her gaze so tender,
Lest they should wake to weep, should wake to weep.

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