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THE DEEP BLUE SEA, by            
First Line: Oh restless sea! Confide in me
Last Line: Roll on, thou deep blue sea.
Subject(s): Sea; Ocean

Oh restless sea! confide in me,
Say why your ceaseless moaning?
You seem distressed, no time for rest,
Your waters ever foaming.

Oh wondrous sea! of mystery,
I stand and gaze and wonder,
While billows roar and lash the shore
Like distant winds and thunder.

Oh deep blue sea! all will agree
Your colors so artistic,
A tinted hue of green and blue,
Present a scene most mystic.

Oh stormy sea! you've heard the plea
Of seamen drifting, drowning;
Beneath your waves are countless graves,
A cause for groans and frowning.

Oh trackless sea! no land or tree
The traveler can discover,
No mile post show, the way to go,
While sea birds near us hover.

Oh rolling sea, make known to me
The mysteries of ages,
In your distress and heaviness
A conflict ever rages.

When the tide comes in with rush and din,
No message comes to me;
When the tide goes out, still left in doubt,
Roll on, thou deep blue sea.

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