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BETWEEN HINGHAM AND BRAINTREE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Between braintree and hingham
Last Line: On the full flood tide!
Subject(s): Floods; Rain; Storms; Water

BETWEEN Braintree and Hingham
Beyond the roaring town,
The land shrank into shadow
As the sun dropped down;
The apple-trees were ghostly,
The peach-trees seemed to bleed,
As the train rushed on to Hingham
With my heart's sore need

Between Braintree and Hingham
The rocks were ashen-grey,
The creeks were bare of water,
And the brown boats lay
Tipped in the tideless bottoms
Without a hope to rise,
And all the world grew blacker
'Neath the low black skies.

Between Hingham and Braintree
As the train leaped on to town,
The fields were full of sunshine,
And heaven came down
And lay along the waters
That brimmed the grassy flume,
And gleamed among the fruit-boughs
A-burst with bloom!

Between Hingham and Braintree
The rocks were green-bedight,
The hilltops were a wondrous
Arcadian delight;
The dories and the catboats
Danced gaily side by side,
And the sails were sheeted silver
On the full flood tide!

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