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First Line: America, my own!
Last Line: Imperial to save!
Subject(s): National Song - United States; American National Anthem

AMERICA, my own!
Thy spacious grandeurs rise
Faming the proudest zone
Pavilioned by the skies;
Day's flying glory breaks
Thy vales and mountains o'er,
And gilds thy streams and lakes
From ocean shore to shore.

Praised be thy wood and wold,
Thy corn and wine and flocks,
The yellow blood of gold
Drained from thy canon rocks;
Thy trains that shake the land,
Thy ships that plough the main,
Triumphant cities grand
Roaring with noise of gain.

Earth's races look to Thee:
The peoples of the world
Thy risen splendors see
And thy wide flag unfurled;
Thy sons, in peace or war,
That emblem who behold,
Bless every shining star,
Cheer every streaming fold!

Float high, O gallant flag,
O'er Carib Isles of palm,
O'er bleak Alaskan crag,
O'er far-off lone Guam;
Where Mauna Loa pours
Black thunder from the deeps;
O'er Mindanao's shores,
O'er Luzon's coral steeps.

Float high, and be the sign
Of love and brotherhood, --
The pledge, by right divine
Of Power, to do good;
For aye and everywhere,
On continent and wave,
Armipotent to dare,
Imperial to save!

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