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TO MICHEL, by            
First Line: Before I found you, michel
Last Line: My life is filled—with pain.
Subject(s): Hearts; Love - Complaints; Man-woman Relationships; Pain; Male-female Relations; Suffering; Misery

Before I found you, Michel,
I was tossing in a world of yearning and unrest.
I could not close my eyes without seeing nightmares.
I could not breathe without gasping.
I laughed, but my mirth was horrible to hear.
I felt as though everything was edged with knives that played on my heart.
I felt an awful unfilled need.
Then you came, Michel.
You were kind and clever and very, very, beautiful—
And I do love beautiful things, Michel.
You opened a door beyond which dawned rest, and comfort, and happiness—for

my turbulent soul.
You were so full of the joy of life, Michel;
I marveled;
And in my awe I saw faith and reverence.
I did not question.
You came into my heart, Michel.
And I felt just a tiny sip of how it must taste to take a whole draught of
Then just as my lips were parted in my first heartfelt smile—
You slammed the door with an awful crash.
I no longer feel that feverish unrest.
My life is filled—with pain.

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