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CHERRY TIME, by            
First Line: Tis cherry time, ripe cherry time
Last Line: I'll pick and give sweetheart to you!
Subject(s): Cherries; Courtship; Fruit; Youth

'Tis cherry time, ripe cherry time,
Such sweetness lends itself to rhyme,
I give to thee, my favored one,
A few I gathered, ere the sun
Had warmed the breezes of the day,
When red tints streaked the bluing gray.

The clustered fruit with mellowed hearts
Now ripened by the warm sun's arts,
With ruby tints of June-time red
Hangs temptingly from overhead,
Inviting all,—who can resist?
Not I, such joy should not be missed.

The robins red, the blackbirds sly,
Their cherry tastes now gratify,
And other birds, like wing-ed thieves
Dart in and out amongst the leaves,
I emulate them in a way,
But take far more, in fact, than they.

To me the ripened cherries bring
Sweet recollections of my Spring,
When youth and joy went hand in hand,
When barefoot boy I roamed the land
And fed on cherries wet with dew,
Some black, some red, all luscious too.

And I remember, oh, so well,
A little miss who used to dwell
Close to my white-limed country home,
Who oftentimes with me would roam,
A raptured symphony in blue,
I've not forgot, sweet one, 'twas you!

And once I climbed a cherry tree,
While you stood gazing up at me,
With apron held outstretched, I knew,
To catch the cherries that I threw,
And though naught but a boy as yet,
I threw my heart into that net!

You ate those lip-red cherries all,
My heart you thought a pit-stone, small,
You must have thrown it to the wind,
I've hunted oft, but ne'er could find,
Mayhap these cherries from my tree
Will serve to bring a heart to me.

Each one I plucked had been dew-kissed,
An omen fair from Morning's mist,
Each one my kiss, each kiss a prayer
From lover lips for strength to bear
A separation, seemingly
Without an end, alas, to me!

Each reddened spot a blush of shame,
Each blush a taunting look of blame
To me, for letting years depart
Ere seeking bliss within your heart,
Their ruddy cheeks reflect the glow
Of kisses warm, I did bestow.

'Tis cherry time, ripe cherry time,
Oh, may I know the bliss sublime
Of matching cherries to your lips,
And take anew our youthful trips,
The finest fruit Love ever grew
I'll pick and give sweetheart to you!

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