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First Line: The german empire is no more
Last Line: O, god!—and we've been proud!
Subject(s): Disasters; Germany; Lusitania (ship); Shipwrecks; United States; War; Germans; America

The Sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine prompted this poem.

The German Empire is no more,
The hand that struck unseen
An ocean's ruling queen
Has stricken hearts of millions more
Than sank in waters green,
Cursed be that hand unseen!

The Emperor of Hate has smiled,
And in his smile he lost
What centuries have cost,
The reverence born to German child,
A people's love embossed
On Union's shield;—yes, lost!

Oh, we whose veins prove Teuton sires,
Who heretofore were proud
Of German traits endowed,
Must grasp Hate's fagots from War's fires,
And hide its deeds with shroud,
O, God!—and we've been proud!

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