Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, MY GARDEN OF BLIGHTED HOPES, by CHARLES LOUIS HENRY WAGNER

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First Line: I sowed in the hours of life's morning
Last Line: In my garden of blighted hopes.
Subject(s): Death; Failure; Hope; Life; Dead, The; Optimism

I sowed in the hours of Life's morning
The seeds of my purest desire,
While the glorious tints of the dawning
Reflected Ambition's green fire;
I ploughed through rough fields of dejection,
I harrowed through toils of despair,
My garden I tilled to perfection,
'Twas ready for blooms it might bear.

I hoped for a prime's early reaping
Ere suns of the advancing years
Should dry up the springs in my keeping
Or salt their sweet waters with tears;
I hoped for a harvest transcendent,
Surpassing the world's finest yield,
I prayed that success be attendant
And prove my best work in Life's field.

I recked not of ice-blasts and hoar-frosts
Which swooped down from Doubt-land's high hills,
Of blossoms and fruits by the score lost
Through Hate that so ruthlessly kills;
I dreamt not of Drouth's cruel burning,
Of pests of the sycophant brand
Which came in a cloud on discerning
The sprouts bursting through on my land.

I saw not the hail-stones of Habits
Beat down and destroy tender shoots,
I thought not that Passions like rabbits
Would tear up my best by the roots;
I knew not that Poverty blighted
And ate like a cankerous worm,
Nor saw I that Envy incited
The weeds and the tares to root firm.

Life's evening has now settled o'er me,
My garden is desolate, bare,
The Reaper called Death stands before me
And claims good and bad for his share;
My swan-song of Failure I've chanted,
My spirit is broken, and gropes
Through the memories of years when I planted
In my garden of Blighted Hopes.

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