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A SIMPLE MAID, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Thou hast lost thy love, poor fool
Last Line: Brake and died.
Alternate Author Name(s): Lancaster, William P.; Preston, George F.; De Tabley, 3d Baron; De Tabley, Lord

THOU hast lost thy love, poor fool,
Creep into thy bed and weep.
Loss must be a maiden's school,
Loss and love and one long sleep.
Half her time perplex'd with tears
Till the dust end all her years, --
All her fears.

Was thy love so gracious, lass?
Never such a love before
In this old world came to pass,
Nor shall be for evermore.
Sweet and true, a king of men,
None like him shall come again, --
Come again.

Was thy bud so precious, lass,
Opening to a perfect rose?
Till between the leaves, alas!
Winter fell in flaky snows.
Then, ah! then, its crimson side
Brake upon the briers and died, --
Brake and died.

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