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RURAL EVENING, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The whip cracks on the plough-team's flank
Last Line: And a fiddle scrambling after.
Alternate Author Name(s): Lancaster, William P.; Preston, George F.; De Tabley, 3d Baron; De Tabley, Lord
Subject(s): Country Life; Evening; Landscape; Sunset; Twilight

THE whip cracks on the plough-team's flank,
The thresher's flail beats duller.
The round of day has warmed a bank
Of cloud to primrose colour.

The dairy girls cry home the kine,
The kine in answer lowing;
The rough-haired louts with sleepy shouts
Keep crows whence seed is growing.

The creaking wain, brushed through the lane,
Hangs straws on hedges narrow;
And smoothly cleaves the soughing plough,
And harsher grinds the harrow.

Comes, from the road-side inn caught up,
A brawl of crowded laughter,
Thro' falling brooks and cawing rooks
And a fiddle scrambling after.

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