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ON THE MARIAGE OF THE KING: OF GEORGE, AND PROPERTY, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Lo! This the land, where freedom's sacred rage
Last Line: And guards, while plenty gives, the golden grain.
Subject(s): Courts & Courtiers; Property; Possessions

Lo! this the land, where Freedom's sacred rage
Has glow'd untamed through many a martial age. ...
Here wak'd the flame, that still superior braves
The proudest threats of Gaul's ambitious slaves;
Here Chivalry, stern school of valour old,
Her noblest feats of knightly fame enroll'd;
Heroic champions caught the clarion's call,
And throng'd the feast in Edward's banner'd hall;
While chiefs, like GEORGE, approv'd in worth alone,
Unlock'd chaste Beauty's adamantine zone.
Lo! the famed isle, which hails thy chosen sway,
What fertile fields her temperate suns display!
Where Property secures the conscious swain,
And guards, while Plenty gives, the golden grain.

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