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First Line: Farewell, my youth! For now we needs
Last Line: Dream you remember yet.
Alternate Author Name(s): Tomson, Graham R.
Subject(s): Aging; Time

Farewell, my Youth! for now we needs must part,
For here the paths divide;
Here hand from hand must sever, heart from heart, --
Divergence deep and wide.
You'll wear no withered roses for my sake,
Though I go mourning for you all day long,
Finding no magic more in bower or brake,
No melody in song.
Gray Eld must travel in my company
To seal this severance more fast and sure.
A joyless fellowship, i' faith, 't will be,
Yet must we fare together, I and he,
Till I shall tread the footpath way no more.
But when a blackbird pipes among the boughs,
On some dim, iridescent day in spring,
Then I may dream you are remembering
Our ancient vows.
Or when some joy foregone, some fate forsworn,
Looks through the dark eyes of the violet,
I may re-cross the set, forbidden bourne,
I may forget
Our long, long parting for a little while,
Dream of the golden splendors of your smile,
Dream you remember yet.

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