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First Line: The air is dark and sweet
Last Line: And I not know.
Alternate Author Name(s): Tomson, Graham R.

THE air is dark and sweet
This wet Spring night—
Spring, of the wandering feet,
The secret flight,
Calls thro' the slow, soft rain—
O voice of gold!
Calls to me once again,
As oft of old.

The darkness sighs and stirs,
Blind, blind and slow;
Night-wandering loiterers,
The veiled airs go;
Mutes of the viewless spell,
The hidden power,
These—but my heart knows well
Its magic hour. ...

My heart's one festival,
Oh, far or near,
The Spring could never call
And I not hear:
Deep under graveyard grass,
It could not be,
The Spring could never pass
And I not see. ...

My heart, my heart would break
Could it be so—
To think that Spring should wake
And I not know.

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