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First Line: I will go out to the night and the wind
Last Line: Out in the wind and rain.
Subject(s): Night; Rain; Bedtime

I will go out to the night and the wind
And the clean rain coming down,
For the walls of the sky are not unkind
As the gray walls of a town.

I will go out to the high hill
And a cleft beneath a pine;
In the heart of a rock it is dry and still
And the heart of the rock is mine.

I will go out with a cloak close drawn,
With the cool rain in my face;
And my pillow by night shall be a stone
In a strangely quiet place.

And I will not care if the rain come down,
Or if the night be chill,
For I shall have left the gray-walled town
On feet forever still.

I will go out by myself alone
To the dark night and the sky
Till I am a brother to the stone,
Mingled inseparably.

Into my breast let the good rain seep
Soothing as a prayer;
The arbutus will remember and creep
Out of my tangled hair.

When my two hands and my two feet
Quiet at last shall lie,
I shall not know if the rain be sweet
With my face to the open sky.

The night shall come like an emperor's pall,
The dawn like a crimson stain . . .
I rise tonight for my coronal
Out in the wind and rain.

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