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First Line: Wise man, wise man / fingers and thumbs
Last Line: That jesus comes.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

Wise man, wise man,
Fingers and thumbs,
Which is the way
That Jesus comes?

Wise man, wise man,
Rabbi, priest,
Did you ever see a man
On such a poor beast?

Wise man, wise man,
I saw a lame child;
And when he came by
Jesus smiled.

Jesus, Jesus,
How do you come?
"To those who are halt
And blind and dumb."

My knee was sprung
And I couldn't see,
So I climbed up high
In a jujube tree.

Jesus, Jesus,
What are you worth?
"The sun and the moon
And the little round earth."

Jesus, Jesus,
Sing me a song.
"I can't stop now,
For the road's too long."

Jesus, Jesus,
Go along, Lord;
My knee is straight
As the governor's sword.

Jesus, Jesus,
Go along before
To a high house
With a silver door.

But I'll stop first
To clean my feet,
And then sit down
By the chimney-seat.

And Jesus will laugh
And say it's good
That I've moved into
His neighborhood.

When he lights his pipe
I think he'll scratch
The Morning-Star
For his safety match.

We'll drink all night
From a good brown cup,
And not go to bed
Till the sun comes up.

Wise man, wise man,
Fingers and thumbs,
This is the way
That Jesus comes.

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