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First Line: With that pathetic impudence of youth
Last Line: Forgets the boy and finds himself a man!
Subject(s): League Of Nations

WITH that pathetic impudence of youth,
America, half-formed, gigantic and uncouth,
Stretching great limbs, in something of surprise
Beholds new meaning written on the skies.

Out of the granite, Time has reared a State
Haughty and fearless, awkward, passionate --
For all his dreaming and his reckless boast,
Betrayed by those whom he has trusted most.

Years of stern peril knit that welded frame,
Banded those arms and set that heart aflame,
Burdened those loins with vigor of increase,
Gave to his hand a weapon forged to peace.

He cannot turn the discovering hour aside,
He feels the stir that will not be denied,
And in the family the Nations plan
Forgets the boy and finds himself a man!

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