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A TALK ON WATERLOO BRIDGE; THE LAST NIGHT OF GEORGE BORROW, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: We talked of 'children of the open air'
Last Line: Leave never a meadow outside paradise.
Alternate Author Name(s): Watts, Theodore
Subject(s): Borrow, George (1803-1881); London; Wandering & Wanderers

We talked of 'Children of the Open Air,'
Who once on hill and valley lived aloof,
Loving the sun, the wind, the sweet reproof
Of storms, and all that makes the fair earth fair,
Till, on a day, across the mystic bar
Of moonrise, came the 'Children of the Roof,'
Who find no balm 'neath evening's rosiest woof,
Nor dews of peace beneath the Morning Star.
We looked o'er London, where men wither and choke,
Roofed in, poor souls, renouncing stars and skies,
And lore of woods and wild wind prophecies,
Yea, every voice that to their fathers spoke:
And sweet it seemed to die ere bricks and smoke
Leave never a meadow outside Paradise.

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