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THE HOUSE, by            
First Line: Troy is for beauty, the far, the broken
Last Line: Stolen away and returning no more.
Subject(s): Helen Of Troy; Mythology - Classical; Troy

Troy is for beauty, the far, the broken
Underneath the coral, the dust, the sand;
The golden cymbal, the lute, the spoken
Word and the buried hand.

Troy is for Helen, the flesh, the narded
Sweet of a woman. -- The topless minaret
Is fallen, and he who guarded
And Agamemnon fallen -- they both forget.

Here is a house now, ages after;
No fable here, life is scarcely fled,
The heart's heat, the mid pulse, the love, the laughter --
And yet she is just as dead

As the Helen dust. A broken rhythm
Serves well enough for the theme, I guess;
And this house, as open to the winds, the scism
Of time as the Trojan's place -- no less.

Time is a myth thing, beauty a jetting,
A fountain jetting of dust from an urn,
Rising, falling -- scarlet forgetting
The shadow, rising but to return.

All is a moment. Open the path wide,
Carry her softly. Don't close the door!
Troy be for Helen, this for a new bride
Stolen away and returning no more.

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