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AUTUMN, 1914, by            
First Line: The scarlet-jewelled ashtree sighed - 'he cometh'
Last Line: For whom then loving-cup is poured, the wild bee hummeth.'
Subject(s): Women; World War I; First World War

The scarlet-jewelled ashtree sighed - 'He cometh,
For whom no wine is poured and no bee hummeth.'

The huddled ban-sheaves under the moon,
Like black tents, will be vanished soon.
So fast the days draw in and are over,
So early the bees are gone from the clover --
Today, tomorrow --
And nights are dark, and as cold as sorrow.

He's gone, her man, so good with his hands
In the harvest field and the lambing shed.
Straight ran his share in the deep ploughlands --
And now he marches among the dead.

The ash let fall her gems, and moaned -- 'He cometh,
And no bee hummeth.'

'O children, come in from your soldier-play
In the black bean tents! The night is falling;
Owls with their shuddering cry are calling;
A dog howls, lonely, far ay.'

His son comes in like a ghost through the door.
He'll be ready, maybe, for the next big war.

O world, come in from the leasowes grey
And cold, where swaths of men are lying,
And horror to shuddering horror crying!
Come home
To the wisdom of those that till the loam,
And give man time for his working-day!

Then the white-blossomed ash will sing: -- 'He cometh,
For whom then loving-cup is poured, the wild bee hummeth.'

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