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AH GABRIEL, by                    
First Line: If it should happen now, if a woman named mary
Last Line: Or believe that golden gabriel was not a grey tramp.
Alternate Author Name(s): Shearer, Harold H., Mrs.
Subject(s): Gabriel

If it should happen now, if a woman named Mary,
Bending to the weeds in her rose and rosemary bed,
Should see a flaming shadow fall, should hear a scary
Whirring in the apple tree above her head,

And rising up should find you, leaning on a lily,
I think she would not speak at all, she would only stare,
Wondering how a grown man could ever be so silly
As to have a golden hat and long curled hair.

And when your voice so singingly said, "Mary, Mary,"
"I have come to tell you --" she would never understand
Your mission or your message, but feeling very wary,
Wave you from her garden with imperious hand.

Though, when you left, the sunset would glimmer stronger,
As feathers from your wings floated tinily clear,
She would only think, "Days are still getting longer,"
Or, "My, but the fireflies are thick this year!"

I know she would not know an angel from a fairy,
Or recognize light save in the smoky lamp
She sets to shine for Joseph plodding home to his Mary,
Or believe that golden Gabriel was not a grey tramp.

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