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HUNTING DOGS, by                    
First Line: No other animal, not dog nor bull
Last Line: Flashed, like man's steel, the savage teeth of death.
Alternate Author Name(s): Shearer, Harold H., Mrs.
Subject(s): Animals; Dogs; Hunting; Hunters

No other animal, not dog nor bull,
Could be more noble or more beautiful
Than these, who are more courteous than people
Whose heads are higher and whose bodies ripple
More silkily than any of their kind.
No other dogs so tensely take the wind
As these, who stretch their long necks on the air
As if on water; so weedily the hair
Fringes each tail, floats from each delicate limb,
So hard they breathe and stare, they seem to swim.

And, swiftness softened, muscles at their ease,
When one of them, with gentle hope to please,
Trots quaintly up, and, with a humorous grace,
Drops on my hands the velvet of his face.
The petals of his ears and tongue, I lack
All hateful thoughts -- Surely the howling pack
Is not of these; surely no terrible trouble
Was ever sought for wild things in the stubble
By eyes so tender; never, through such soft breath,
Flashed, like man's steel, the savage teeth of death.

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