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A BATTLE SONG (WRITTEN IN THE WORLD WAR), by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Peril surrounding
Last Line: God for the right!
Subject(s): World War I; First World War

Peril surrounding,
Danger abounding,
Menace confounding,
Threaten our land;
Highly deciding,
Firmly confiding,
Boldly abiding,
Stoutly we stand.

Cowards may call us,
Horrors appall us,
Evils befall us,
We will not yield;
Faith to be plighted,
Wrongs to be righted,
Souls to be knighted, --
On to the field!

Now for a new world,
Now for a true world,
Gladly for you, world,
Dare we to fight.
We will not palter,
We will not falter,
Knaves to the halter,
God for the right!

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