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First Line: Garbed as a mussulman one day
Last Line: That wine is not for christian men!
Subject(s): Alcoholism & Alcoholics; Muslims; Moslems

Garbed as a Mussulman one day,
A Paris student joked and laughed,
And, just to finish off the play,
He had the costume photographed.

Then, still in Moslem garments dressed,
A sidewalk restaurant he sought,
And drank with many a clumsy jest
The wine the grinning waiters brought.

He drank, till haply came along
A genuine Mohammedan,
Keen-eyed, and bold, and quick, and strong,
A ready and a righteous man.

"Is't thus, you renegade," he cried,
"You break the holy Prophet's law,
Running that wine, a filthy tide,
Into your beastly Moslem maw?"

With that he struck the student's hand,
The glasses smashed, the bottle broke,
And curtly bade him understand
That wine was not for Moslem folk!

Ah, there's a lesson loud and clear,
Worthy of mightiest voice and pen!
Let all dishonoring tipplers hear
That wine is not for Christian men!

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