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First Line: Seated one day at a table
Last Line: And I doubt if I do it then!
Subject(s): Games; Recreation; Pastimes; Amusements

Seated one day at a table,
I was having forty fits,
As my fingers hovered nervously
Over those jig-sawed bits.

I know not what I was hunting
To finish a soldier's face;
But I struck one queer-shaped fragment
That fitted that queer-shaped space.

It linked all those silly features
Into one solid man;
And as I had finished his shoulder,
I began to see the plan.

It helped with the background also,
A sort of guide it made;
But I moved some other pieces,
And somehow it got mislaid!

I sought, but I sought it vainly,
That one small piece so queer,
That out of a hundred others
Fitted that soldier's ear.

I couldn't go on without it,
I fretted and fumed and fussed;
Then -- somebody joggled my elbow!
And I gave up in disgust.

It may be that some time or other
I will try that thing again;
But not till I'm in an asylum, --
And I doubt if I do it then!

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