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THE WALL-FLOWER, by                
First Line: O wall-flower! Or ever thy bright leaves fade
Last Line: Be its bridal torch!
Subject(s): Death; Flowers; Kisses; Love - Loss Of; Roses; Spring; Dead, The

O WALL-FLOWER! or ever thy bright leaves fade,
My limbs will be that of which all are made,
Before ever thou losest thy crown of gold,
My flesh will be mold.

And yet open the casement! till I am dead
Let my last look rest on thy golden head!
My soul would kiss thee before it flies
To the open skies.

Twice I am kissing thy fragrant mouth,
And the first kiss wholly is thine, in truth;
But the second remember, dear Love! to close
On my fair white Rose.

I shall not be living its Spring to see;
But bring it my greeting when that shall be,
And say that I wish'd that upon my grave
It should bloom and wave.

Yes, say that I wish'd that against my breast
The Rose should lie that thy lips caress'd;
And,Wall-flower! do thou into Death's dark porch
Be its bridal torch!

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