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THE WORD IS DEED, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: John begins like genesis
Last Line: Dance all, for each would dare the tune.)
Subject(s): Labor & Laborers; Tools; Work; Workers

John begins like Genesis:
In the Beginning was the Word;
Engels misread: Was the Deed.

But, before ever any Deed came
the sound of the last of the Deed, coming
came with the coming Word
(which answers everything with dancing.)

In our Beginning our Word:
'Make a tool to make a tool'
distinguished Man from Brute.
(Men who dance know what was done.)
Good and Evil took root
in this, the cause of Destinies
whence every Revolution rose and stirred.

Jubal Cain and Tubal Cain
made the plow and jubilee
to protest, in ranks hostile to Seth
Seth's all-too-loyal mutiny.

Ways to work determinate
moulds for intelligence.
Discoveries follow thence
obscured by fallibilities'
compensating philosophies
doubted soon as heard.
(Who dance not know not what they do).

But when, against Fate, error wards:
"Frustrate while ye mirror kind
Disaster, blind
Chance, enemies at once and guards . . ."
muscles of thought comply:
"Think, act in answer to desire;
from the will springs Promethean fire."

Deeds make us. May, therefore, when our Last
Judgment find our work be just:
all tools, from foot rules to flutes
praise us; and our deeds' praise find
the Second Coming of the Word.
(Dance, each whose nature is to dance;
dance all, for each would dare the tune.)

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