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A DESCRIPTION OF THE SPRING, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: And now all nature seemed in love
Last Line: To welcome the new-livery'd year.
Variant Title(s): A May Day
Subject(s): Spring

And now all Nature seemed in love;
The lusty sap began to move;
New juice did stir th' embracing Vines;
And Birds had drawn their Valentines:
The jealous Trout, that low did lie,
Rose at a well-dissembled flie:
There stood my Friend, with patient skill
Attending of his trembling quill.
Already were the Eaves possest
With the swift Pilgrims daubed nest.
The Groves already did rejoyce
In Philomels triumphing voice.
The showers were short, the weather mild,
The morning fresh, the evening smiled.
Jone takes her neat-rubed Pale, and now
She trips to milk the Sand-red Cow;
Where for some sturdy foot-ball Swain,
Jone strokes a sillabub or twain.
The Fields and Gardens were beset
With Tulip, Crocus, Violet:
And now, though late, the modest Rose
Did more than half a blush disclose.
Thus all looked gay, all full of chear,
To welcome the New-livery'd year.

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