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DAYS THAT ARE TAPESTRIES, by                    
First Line: Some days go by
Last Line: A rapturous, singing mirth!
Subject(s): Flowers; Nature; Singing & Singers; Tapestries

Some days go by
That etch their loveliness
Upon the deepest corner
Of the heart—
Days that are made
Of cloud-tossed, azure skies;
Of singing birds,
Of flowers,
Of swaying trees,
Of ivory dogwood
And a wayward breeze;
Of the shrill whistle of a cardinal
The cool, damp touch
Of freshly-spaded earth;
Days that are tapestries of golden light
Sunshine that filters
Through the trees' young green
On fields of buttercups—
Ah, you have seen
Such days that hold
A rapturous, singing mirth!

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