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"'TWAS ROLLOG, AND THE MINIM POTES", by                    
Last Line: "came piffling through the headley bod, / and flippered as it flew"
Subject(s): "carroll, Lewis (1832-1898);poetry & Poets;" "dodgson, Charles Lutwidge;

'Twas rollog, and the minim potes
Did mime and mimble in the cafe;
All footly were the Philerotes,
And Daycadongs outstrafe.

Beware the Yallerbock, my son!
The aims that rile, the art that racks,
Beware the Aub-Aub Bird, and shun
The stumious Beerbomax.

He took Excalibur in hand:
Long time the canxome foe he sought—
So rested he by the Jonbul tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

Then, as veep Vigo's marge he trod,
The Yallerbock, with tongue of blue,
Came piffling through the Headley Bod,
And flippered as it flew.

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