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First Line: Mid greenland's polar ice and snow
Last Line: Is thus kept green in verse by me
Subject(s): Eskimos;greenland;ice;native Americans; Inuit;indians Of America;american Indians;indians Of South America

'MID Greenland's polar ice and snow,
Where watermelons seldom grow
(It's far too cold up there, you know),
There dwelt a bold young Eskimo.

Beneath the self-same iceberg's shade,
In fur of seal and bear arrayed
(Not over cleanly, I'm afraid),
There lived a charming Eskimaid.

Throughout the six months' night they'd spoon
(Ah, ye of Sage, think what a boon),
To stop at ten is much too soon
Beneath the silvery Eskimoon.

The hated rival now we see!
(You spy the coming tragedy,
But I can't help it; don't blame me.)
An Eskimucker vile was he,

He found the lovers there alone.
He killed them with his axe of bone.
(You see how fierce the tale has grown) —
The fond pair died with an Eskimoan.

Two graves were dug, deep in the ice,
Were lined with furs, moth balls, and spice;
The two were buried in a trice,
Quite safe from all the Eskimice.

Now Fido comes, alas, too late!
(I hope it's not indelicate
These little incidents to state) —
The Eskimurderer he ate.


Upon an Eskimo to sup
Was too much for an Eskipup —
He died. His Eskimemory
Is thus kept green in verse by me.

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