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ANNIVERSARY, by                    
First Line: Boom! 'what's that?'
Last Line: Ten years -- come sunday
Subject(s): Bombs;veterans;veterans Day;war;world War I; First World War

Headline, Norman, Oklahoma, Transcript, November 8, 1928: "Bomb to Call City
to Prayer, Sunday."

Boom! "What's that?"
"They're practicing for Sunday.
They're dropping bombs to let us know
That Sunday next, ten years ago
The Armistice was signed; and so
The War-survivors home could go;
'Twill ten years be, come Sunday."

Boom! Boom! "What now?"
" 'Twill ten years be, come Sunday,
Since folks at home were mad with joy,
For War was ended. Every boy
Whom Gas or Bomb did not destroy
The arts of Peace would soon employ.

They're practicing for Sunday."

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
"They're practicing for Sunday.
On that day, when this sound we hear,
Each man and maiden far or near,
In memory of yesteryear,
Will silent stand for prayer and tear.
'Twill ten years be, come Sunday."

Boom! Boom! "Why bombs?"
" 'Twill ten years be, come Sunday.
And should the air from bombs be free,
We might forget to pray. And He,—
God—might unprepared be
To bless our holy Victory.
They're practicing for Sunday."

Boom! "Once more!

They're practicing for Sunday.
'In still small voice,' 'tis writ with care,
The Lord God spake. Now everywhere
War's implement with noise and flare
Bids us that God to find,—in prayer!
'Twill ten years be, come Sunday."

'Twill ten years be, come Sunday—
They're practicing for Sunday,
Boom! Boom!
Armistice Day next Sunday!
Thirty seconds—bow your head!
Don't forget the soldier-dead!
Boom! Boom!
" 'Tis the Star-Spangled,"—(See—
They're practicing for Sunday.)
"O'er the Land of the Free."
Ten Years—Come Sunday!

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