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CLOUDLAND, by                    
First Line: "over the hills, at the close of day"
Last Line: But kiss her softly and let her sleep
Subject(s): Clouds

OVER the hills, at the close of day,
Gazing with listless-seeming eyes,
Margery watches them sail away,
The sunlit clouds of the western skies.

Margery sighs with a vain regret,
As slowly they fade from gold to gray,
Till night has come, and the sun has set,
And the clouds have drifted beyond the day.

What are you dreaming, my little maid?
For yours are beautiful thoughts, I know;
What were the words that the wild wind said,
And where, in the dark, did the cloud-ships go?

Come through the window and touch her hair,
Wind of the vast and starry deep!
And tell her not of this old world's care,
But kiss her softly and let her sleep.

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