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CONVENTION SONG, by                    
First Line: The 'vention did in boston meet
Last Line: "may agriculture flourish long, / and commerce fill our purses"
Subject(s): Federal Constitutional Convention;u.s. - History

THE 'Vention did in Boston meet
But State House could not hold 'em,
So they went to Federal Street,
And there the truth was told 'em.
Yankee doodle, keep it up!
Yankee doodle, dandy,
Mind the music and the step,
And with the girls be handy.

They every morning went to prayer;
And then began disputing;
Till opposition silenced were,
By arguments refuting.

Then 'Squire Hancock, like a man
Who dearly loves the nation,
By a Concil'atory plan,
Prevented much vexation.

He made a woundy Fed'ral speech,
With sense and elocution;
And then the Yankees did beseech
T' adopt the Constitution.

The question being outright put
(Each voter independent),
The Fed'ralists agreed to adopt,
And then propose amendments.

The other party seeing then
The People were against them,
Agreed, like honest, faithful men,
To mix in peace amongst 'em.

The Boston folks are deuced lads,
And always full of notions;
The boys, the girls, their mams and dads,
Were fill'd with joy's commotions.

So straightway they procession made,
Lord, how nation fine, sir!
For every man of every trade
Went with his tools -- to dine, sir.

John Foster Williams in a ship
Join'd with the social band, sir.
And made the lasses dance and skip,
To see him sail on land, sir!

O then a whopping feast began,
And all hands went to eating,
They drank their toasts, shook hands and sung --
Huzza for 'Vention meeting!

Now, politicians, of all kinds,
Who are not yet derided,
May see how Yankees speak their minds,
And yet we're not decided.

Then from this sample, let 'em cease
Inflammatory writing;
For freedom, happiness, and peace,
Are better far than fighting.

So here I end my Federal song,
Composed of thirteen verses;
May agriculture flourish long,
And commerce fill our purses.

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