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DURHAM MILITIA, by                    
First Line: "you are going to be a militia man, a valiant volunteer"
Last Line: The durham volunteers should find themselves in meat and clothes
Subject(s): Beer;drinks & Drinking;kisses;soldiers;war; Ale

You are going to be a Militia Man, a valiant volunteer,
You think to have a lazy month, and get your swig of beer,
You will fight your battles o'er a pipe, and ne'er receive a scar,
You dandy fop at home you'll stop, and dare not go to war.

When you wear your trowsers grey, and your coat of red or blue,
I fear that you will then forget what we may think of you,
With musket wrong-side first, and your bayonet Lord knows where,
You will be marching like a hero, to make the lasses stare.

When the trumpet sounds for glory you'll be gladly rushing in
Into some snug old alehouse, to spend your hard-earned tin,
And when your tin it is all gone, you'll coax the girls to treat,
By whispering marriage in their ears, and giving kisses sweet.

I would I were our gracious Queen, or my good Lord Seaham as well,
I would send these would-be warriors to a place I dare not tell,
All the town should be at peace, and the fellows who compose
The Durham Volunteers should find themselves in meat and clothes.

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