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"GLORIA TIBI, DOMINE", by                    
First Line: There is a child born of our blessed virgin
Last Line: And welcome be this merry christmas
Subject(s): Christmas; "nativity, The;

There is a Child born of our blessed Virgin;
I heard a Maid lullaby to sing:
"Peace, my dear Child, of Thy weeping,
For Thou shalt be our Heavenly King."
Now sing we, and now sing we,
To the Gloria tibi, Domine.

"O Mother! O Mother! your wishes are nought;
It is not for Me such carols are wrought;
Such carols were never by woman thought
To the Gloria tibi, Domine."
Now sing we, etc.

"O my dear Son, why sayest Thou so?
Thou art my Son, I have no moe;
When Gabriel bespoke Thee, full of grace,
Thou needest not to tell me of this case."
Now sing we, etc.

"O, they will thrust, Mother, My head from My hair,
With a crown of sharp thorns they Me will not spare,
And with sharp spears My heart will tear,
To the Gloria tibi, Domine.
Now sing we, etc.

"O come you here, Mother, and you shall see
My hands and feet nailed to the rood tree,
And my feet, Mother, are fastened thereby,
A vile sight, Mother, for you to see."

Now sing we, and now sing we,
To the Gloria tibi, Domine,
And now sing we more or less,
And welcome be this merry Christmas.

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