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IN CHRISTMAS LAND, by                    
First Line: In the beams and gleams came the christmas dreams
Last Line: To the homes and hearts of you!
Subject(s): Children;christmas;dreams;parades;soldiers; "childhood;nativity, The;nightmares;

IN the beams and gleams came the Christmas dreams
To the little children there,
And hand in hand, to the Christmas land —
'Neath the Christmas skies so fair,
They went away on a magic sleigh
That tinkled with silver bells,
Over the white of the snow, one night,
Where the king of the Christmas dwells.

They saw him marshal his soldiers small,
In beautiful, bright brigades;
At the tap o' the drum they saw them come
With guns and glittering blades.
The little soldiers were made of tin,
With painted coats of red,
And they drilled away, with their banners gay,
By a cute little captain led.

But alas! for the king o' the Christmas band
And the march that his soldiers made!
For the dolls were dressed in their very best —
Oh, the dolls were on dress parade!
And they smiled so sweet at the soldiers brave —
Each beautiful, fairy doll,
They dropped their guns for a smile they gave,
And ran away with them all!

But — such is the wonder of Christmas land —
When in the morning light
The children woke from the Christmas dreams,
There stood the soldiers bright;
And the dolls were smiling their sweetest smiles,
And they said, "From our land so true
The soldiers brought us a thousand miles
To the homes and hearts of you!"

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