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KINDLY ADVICE, by                    
First Line: Be kind to the panther! For when thou wert young
Subject(s): Advice;animals;kindness

BE kind to the panther! for when thou wert young,
In thy country far over the sea,
'Twas a panther ate up thy papa and mama,
And had several mouthfuls of thee!

Be kind to the badger! for who shall decide
The depth of his badgery soul?
And think of the tapir, when flashes the lamp
O'er the fast and the free flowing bowl.

Be kind to the camel! nor let word of thine
Ever put up his bactrian back;
And cherish the she-kangaroo with her bag,
Nor venture to give her the sack.

Be kind to the ostrich! for how canst thou hope
To have such a stomach as it?
And when the proud day of your "bridal" shall come.
Do give the poor birdie a "bit."

Be kind to the walrus! nor ever forget
To have it on Tuesday to tea;
But butter the crumpets on only one side,
Save such as are eaten by thee.

Be kind to the bison! and let the jackal
In the light of thy love have a share;
And coax the ichneumon to grow a new tail,
And have lots of larks in its lair!

Be kind to the bustard, that genial bird,
And humour its wishes and ways;
And when the poor elephant suffers from bile,
Then tenderly lace up his stays!

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