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First Line: "on and on, always on and on"
Last Line: And try with all my might to eat and thrive
Subject(s): China - Early Period (to 200 B.c.);farewell; Parting

ON and on, always on and on
Away from you, parted by a life-parting.
Going from one another ten thousand "li,"
Each in a different corner of the World.
The way between is difficult and long,
Face to face how shall we meet again?
The Tartar horse prefers the North wind,
The bird from Yueh nests on the Southern branch.
Since we parted the time is already long,
Daily my clothes hang looser round my waist.
Floating clouds obscure the white sun,
The wandering one has quite forgotten home.
Thinking of you has made me suddenly old,
The months and years swiftly draw to their close.
I'll put you out of my mind and forget for ever
And try with all my might to eat and thrive.

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