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ON A REJECTED NOSEGAY, by                    
First Line: "what! Then you won't accept it, won't you? Oh!"
Last Line: Wiater! A bottle of your oldest rum
Subject(s): Women

Offered by the Author to a beautiful young Lady, who returned it.

What! then you won't accept it, won't you? Oh!
No matter; pshaw! my heart is breaking, though.
My bouquet is rejected; let it be:
For what am I to you, or you to me?
'Tis true I once had hoped; but now, alas!
Well, well; 'tis over now, and let it pass.
I was a fool—perchance I am so still;
You won't accept it! Let me dream you will:
But that were idle. Shall we meet again?
Why should we? Water for my burning brain?
I could have loved thee—Could! I love thee yet.
Can only Lethe teach me to forget?
Oblivion's balm, oh tell me where to find!
Is it a tenant of the anguish'd mind?
Or is it?—ha! at last I see it come;
Waiter! a bottle of your oldest rum.

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