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PLAYING BO-PEEP WITH THE STAR, by                    
First Line: "who are you winking at, bright little star"
Last Line: "ah! Laughed the child, we can both play bo-peep"
Subject(s): Games;stars; Recreation;pastimes;amusements

"WHO are you winking at, bright little star?
Hanging alone, way up ever so far;
Trembling and flashing aloft in the blue,—
Answer my question and answer me true."

She stood by the window ready for bed,
Yet lingered to hear what the little star said;
But naught would it do but wink its bright eye,
Alone by itself in the depths of the sky.

"I fear you are dumb," said the wee, little sprite,
"Or else you would answer my question to-night;
We whisper and talk to each other down here,—
I think you could speak, if you chose to, my dear."

What do you think the little star did?
It willfully slipped out of sight, and was hid
By a snip of a cloud that floated close by,
And never vouchsafed her wink or reply.

But after a while, when she woke in the night,
The first thing she saw was that little star's light.
It twinkled and twinkled, and roused her from sleep,
"Ah!" laughed the child, "we can both play bo peep!"

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