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POOR OLD HORSE (1), by                    
First Line: "o once I lay in stable, a hunter well and warm"
Last Line: "poor old horse, till he die"
Subject(s): Animals;horses

O ONCE I lay in stable, a hunter well and warm,
I had the best of shelter from cold and rain and harm;
But now in open meadow, a hedge I'm glad to find,
To shield my sides from tempest, from driving sleet and wind.
Poor old horse, let him die!

My shoulders once were sturdy, were glossy, smooth, and round,
But now, alas! they're rotten, I'm not accounted sound.
As I have grown so aged, my teeth gone to decay,
My master frowns upon me; I often hear him say,
"Poor old horse, let him die!

A groom upon me waited, on straw I snugly lay,
When fields were full of flowers, the air was sweet with hay;
But now there's no good feeding prepared for me at all,
I'm forced to munch the nettles upon the kennel wall
Poor old horse, let him die!

My shoes and skin, the huntsman that covets them shall have,
My flesh and bones the hounds, sir! I very freely give,
I've followed them full often, aye! many a score of miles,
O'er hedges, walls, and ditches, nor blinked at gates and stiles.
Poor old horse, let him die!

Ye gentlemen of England, ye sportsmen good and bold,
All ye that love a hunter, remember him when old;
O put him in your stable, and make the old boy warm,
And visit him and pat him, and keep him out of harm,
Poor old horse, till he die.

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