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RAVENSHILL, by                    
First Line: On ravenshill the snows lie long
Last Line: That we must walk on ravenshill
Subject(s): "ravenshill, Great Britain;

ON Ravenshill the snows lie long,
The ghosts do chatter to the moon;
I came and made this woeful song
Of Ravenshill—of Ravenshill,
Of frozen heart, of frozen moon,
This is the song of Ravenshill.

Night has no end,
Black branches bend
And sigh and creak across the moon.
The moon, late-risen,
Is held in prison
By those black arms—that broken tune
Which is the song of Ravenshill.

I said the untravelled snow to-night
Spreads wide and white,
Shadowless in the frozen light;
How late the snow lies on the hill!
We shall not ever see the Spring
Come with her dewy locks unbound
On the wind's wing.
In a dungeon underground
She lies bound.
They have hidden away and chained immortal Spring.

To us who dwell on Ravenshill
She may not come, she may not call.
Winter ruleth over all;
The unshadowed snow is like a pall
Upon the slopes of Ravenshill.
This is our song—
The creaking of unquiet boughs,
And all night long
The ghosts do chatter and carouse
All night long on Ravenshill.

Pray God it may not be for long
That we must walk on Ravenshill.

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