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SIR LANCELOT DU LAKE, by                    
First Line: When arthur first in court began
Last Line: But he pulled her out by the tail

WHEN Arthur first in court began
To wear long hanging sleeves,
He entertained three serving men,
And all of them were thieves:
The first he was an Irishman,
The second was a Scot;
The third he was a Welshman;
And all were knaves, I wot.
The Irishman loved Usquebah,
The Scot loved ale called Blew Cap;
The Welshman he loved Toasted Cheese,
And made his mouth a mousetrap.
Usquebah burnt the Irishman,
The Scot was drowned in ale,
The Welshman had like t' have been choked with a mouse
But he pulled her out by the tail.

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