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SONGS OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE: 6, by                    
First Line: "from under the stone, the white stone"
Last Line: "awake, awake, o maiden fair, / o maiden fair, my olden love!"
Subject(s): Russia; Soviet Union;russians

FROM under the stone, the white stone,
Fire blazes not, nor pitch seethes,
But a youth's heart is seething.
Not for his father dear, nor for his mother dear,
Nor for a young wife well-beloved,
Seethes the heart of the youth;
But for a maiden well beloved,
For her who used to be his love.
"There had reached me broken tidings
That the maiden fair was ill.
Quickly follows them a letter, --
The maiden fair is dead.
I will sadly to the stable:
Lead my good -- my best horse forth,
Hasten to the church of God,
Tie my horse beside the belfry,
Stamp upon the mould.
Split open, damp Mother Earth!
Fly asunder, ye coffin planks!
Unroll, O brocade of gold!
Awake, awake, O maiden fair,
O maiden fair, my olden love!"

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