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SONGS OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE: 8, by                    
First Line: "oak wood, dear oak wood"
Last Line: "he has lured her, - and now / fain would fling her aside"
Subject(s): Russia; Soviet Union;russians

OAK wood, dear oak wood,
Green oak wood of mine!
Why moaning so early?
Low bending thy boughs?
From thee, from the oak wood,
Have all the birds flown?
One bird still lingers,
The cuckoo so sad,
Day and night singing kookoo,
She never is still.
Of the wandering falcon
The cuckoo complains.
He has torn her warm nest,
He has scattered her young,
Her cuckoolings dear.

In her lofty chamber
A maiden fair sits;
By the window she weeps
As a rivulet flows,
As a spring wells she sobs.
Of the wandering youth
The maiden complains, --
From her father and mother
He lured her away
To a strange far-off home,
Strange, far-off, unknown,
He has lured her, -- and now
Fain would fling her aside.

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