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SQUATTERS AND THE REDUCTION, by                    
First Line: Some squatters have commenced to shear
Last Line: "but if you want a thorough doing - / why, just try the overflow"
Subject(s): Deception;honesty;labor & Laborers;sheep;wages; Salaries

SOME squatters have commenced to shear,
While some are in a fix,
They thought to do it nicely
With their seventeen-and-six.
They would not pay the pound,
So they got stuck in the mud,
Instead of being now cut out,
They're surrounded by the flood.
"There's been no work a-doing,
Now's our time to pull them down,
And we'll starve them to submission,"
Said your great Kallara Brown.

Now the fight commenced at Dunlop,
Then the Paroo in the bush,
The boys, too, of Yankannia
They joined in the manly push.
It was out at Nocoleche shed,
The latter end of June,
When Gamson came to call the roll
(You might know the little coon):
When everything was quiet,
And you could not hear a sound,
He told us in a crying style
He could not pay the pound.

We did not hoot but listened,
For we had not much to say,
But gave him our terms in writing, boys,
And then we walked away.
He then took a fortnight's practice
In some very funny tricks,
And then he got two snaggers
For seventeen-and-six,
But they knew to make a start, boys,
That too dear they'd have to pay
So they saddled up their neddies
And like loafers sneaked away.

Says the boss, "You've plenty of money,
For I see it flying round,
So we'll sign last year's agreement,
For I'll have to pay the pound."

Says I, "Old boy, don't gallop,
When you start a waiting race;
If you sack a man a pound you'll pay,"
I told him to his face.
I then signed his agreement
And in action put my pen—
I wrote to the Bourke paper
To inform my fellow-men,
For I knew the news was welcome
To those living far away,
When I told of Nocoleche, boys,
And how we gained the day.

I thought the price was settled
And everything bid well,
But I'd scarcely rode three days, my boys,
When—what an awful sell—
I found a lot of snaggers,
Not a shearer in the mob,
At Mumba signed for seventeen
With a bonus of three bob.
There was room for over twenty
But of course I didn't stop;
I that day received a letter
From our friends up at Dunlop.

They told me of old Jimmy,
How he said it was but fear;
If it wasn't for the river men,
The cockies they would shear.
He brought the police from Cobar,
But they did not care a pin,
They stood out like men for seven weeks
And beat old Dunlop Jim.
They had but scarcely started
When the rain it came about,
And like the Nocoleche boys,
They soon were flooded out.

Some made towards the Lachlan
In search of better luck
And some went out to Paddington
And McPherson straitened up.
They put him through his facings
And sent him running round
Crying out for shearers
And "I'll pay them all a pound."

Now, wherever you go shearing,
Let this always be your crack:
I never shore at Paddington,
I wouldn't shear for Mac.

There is one thing left to settle,
Though I've signed it once or twice,
Don't put your pen to paper
For that rotten second price
Unless a man's dissatisfied
And wants to strike his Micks—
I say it's right to pay him then
With seventeen-and-six.
I would to both sides justice,
I ask for nothing more,
But don't rob me of my labour
When I've got two thousand shore.

Let your actions all be honest,
And proud the truth to tell;
I was treated there with kindness,
And so speak the Walkers well;
I wouldn't shear at Paddington,
I'd rather see him stuck,
But I struggled through Nekarboo, boys,
And saw the cobbler cut.
I'll tell of some good squatters
Whom I've long kept in the dark,
But keep a strain on your bridle rein
And steer clear of Baden Park.

I've left the Murrumbidgee,
I could not stand McGaw,
While Brotch of Mutagoona
He's the best I ever saw;
And Scott too of Bellaele
You'll find very hard to beat.
Good old Tully of Murrungle
To shear for was a treat;
If you go to Girilambone
You might pull through with Low;
But if you want a thorough doing—
Why, just try the Overflow.

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