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SWEET SMOAKING PIPE, by                    
First Line: "sweet smoaking pipe, bright-glowing stove, / companion still of my retreat"
Last Line: "and when my sinking ashes dies, / I learn that I must end like thee"
Subject(s): Smoking; Tobacco;pipes;cigars;cigarettes

Sweet smoaking Pipe, bright-glowing Stove,
Companion still of my Retreat,
Thou dost my gloomy Thoughts remove,
And purge my Brain with gentle Heat.

Tobacco, Charmer of my Mind,
When, like the Meteor's transient Gleam,
Thy Substance gone to Air I find,
I think, alas, my Life's the same!

What else but lighted Dust am I?
Thou shew'st me what my Fate will be;
And when my sinking Ashes die,
I learn that I must end like thee.

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