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TEDDY UNT ME UNT GOTT (A REVISION), by                    
First Line: Der kaiser of dis vaterlandt
Last Line: Der vorldt iss bossed by me unt gott -- / unt teddy

DER KAISER of dis Vaterlandt
Unt Gott on high all dings commandt --
Eggsept, of course, you understandt,
Dare's Teddy.

It used to be dot me unt Gott
Could run der vorldt as vell as not;
But now of help ve get a lot
From Teddy.

Who told us two unt two makes four,
Unt neffer either less or more,
Unt all about our ancient lore?
Vy Teddy.

Who sait to me, "I like you, Bill?"
Who helped me not to keep right still
Unt talk of animals to kill?
Dot Teddy.

Who told me vat mein army needs,
Unt how vords doesn't count mit deeds?
Who valks unt talks der vile he reads?
Dot Teddy.

Who told me dings I neffer knew?
Who told me vat I ought to do
Unt how to say "Dee-lighted!" too?
Dot Teddy.

Dare iss no bleak unt lonesome spot
Vich ve don't cheer -- I tell you dot! --
Der vorldt iss bossed by me unt Gott --
Unt Teddy.

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