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First Line: Still as my native land I wend more near
Last Line: My heart with every hope and fear

STILL as my native land I wend more near,
Thereof my love doth more renew and glow;
Each onward step doth make it seem more fair,
Softer the air, the folk all sweeter grow.
And this it is that hath delayed me so:
I too declare,
That I beheld on coming here,
Ladies, so full of worth and grace,
That I could fancy in their face
Likeness of her whom I revere;
And one did so resemble her,
I joyed her sweetness thus to trace.

Thus does the tigress, in a glass, when ta'en
Her helpless young, at the reflected sight
Of her own image, think they still remain;
During which time the robber takes to flight.
Me, Lady! do not thus requite,
Nor thus disdain;
But in your memory retain,
Though long enforced to linger here.
For 'tis your likeness, shining clear
As in a mirror, soothes my pain.
Nought here but you alone, enchain
My heart with every hope and fear.

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